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Easter Treats

Paint Your Own (PYO)Easter Sugar Cookies

PYO Easter Cookies Movie
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  • Each stenciled cookie is $5 each or $50/dozen and comes sealed in a bag with a paint palette and paint brush.

  • If ordering more than several cookies, I will include enough paint palettes and paint brushes for the amount of cookies you order.

  • Paint palette comes in these colors: pink, light blue, light green, and yellow (colors appear darker on palette).

Custom Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies

  • Cookies START at $42/dozen; minimum amount of 1 dozen

  • If there is something you would like, but don't see in the picture gallery below, please ask!  I'll let you know if I can make it.

  • See my complete picture gallery for other desserts, pies, and sweets you can order for Easter!