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Cupcake Pricing

Order minimums:

  • Standard size cupcakes: one dozen

  • Mini cupcakes: two dozen

Order minimums with purchase of multiple flavors:

  • Standard size cupcakes: one dozen per flavor

  • Mini cupcakes: two dozen per flavor

Classic Cupcakes | $30 per dozen

  • Vanilla

  • Chocolate

  • White Almond

  • Marble

Almond buttercream frosting, vanilla buttercream frosting, and chocolate buttercream frosting are included in this price (see below for additional frostings).

Enhanced Fillings | $10 extra per dozen 

Add any of these fillings to Classic Cupcakes

  • Caramel Cream

  • Chocolate Ganache

  • Chocolate Mousse

  • Cream Cheese Frosting

  • Cream Filling

  • Creamy Marshmallow

  • Fresh Raspberry/Strawberry

  • Lemon Curd

  • Nutella

  • Raspberry/Strawberry Mousse

  • White Chocolate Buttercream

  • White Chocolate Ganache

Miscellaneous Frostings

$5 extra per dozen

  • Chocolate Ganache

  • Lemon Buttercream

  • Mocha Buttercream

  • Peanut Butter Buttercream

$10 extra per dozen

  • Caramel Frosting

  • Key Lime Buttercream

  • Oreo Buttercream

  • Raspberry or Strawberry Buttercream

  • Salted Caramel Frosting

  • White Chocolate Buttercream

  • White Chocolate Amaretto Buttercream

  • Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Cream Cheese Frosted Cupcakes | $35 per dozen

  • Carrot (add-ins may include pineapple, coconut, nuts, or raisins)

  • Red Velvet

  • Pumpkin Spice (seasonal September-December)

Gourmet Cupcakes | S at $42 per dozen

  • Lemon Lovers

    • A moist white cupcake is filled with zesty lemon curd and frosted with lemon buttercream or cream cheese frosting (can also be frosted with raspberry buttercream for a lemon/raspberry flavor).

  • Strawberry Delight

    • Fresh strawberries are mixed into this strawberry flavored pink cake with homemade strawberry filling and frosted with either strawberry buttercream or strawberry cream cheese frosting.

  • Raspberry Almond

    • White almond cupcake is filled with fresh raspberry filling and frosted with either almond or raspberry buttercream

  • German Chocolate

    • Traditional German chocolate cupcake made with real German chocolate, covered with German chocolate topping, chocolate buttercream and toasted coconut.

  • Cinnamon Cupcakes 

    • A cinnamon-sugar mix is swirled into these delicious cinnamon flavored cupcakes.  They are frosted with either a cinnamon cream cheese frosting or a cinnamon flavored buttercream - you choose!

  • Cookies & Cream

    • Your choice of chocolate cupcake or vanilla cupcake with crushed Oreos inside, topped with an Oreo-loaded frosting, chocolate ganache and mini Oreo.

  • Cotton Candy

    • You got it..... A cupcake that tastes like state fair cotton candy! The cupcake batter is even swirled with cotton candy colors and is frosted with a cotton candy flavored buttercream.

  • Reese's

    • Moist chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting, dipped in chocolate ganache, and garnished with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

  • Butterfinger

    • A fluffy peanut butter cupcake is topped with chocolate ganache, Butterfinger-loaded peanut butter frosting, and crushed Butterfingers on top.

  • Snickers

    • Moist chocolate cupcake with caramel cream filling is frosted with peanut butter frosting, drizzled with chocolate glaze and topped with a Snickers piece.

  • S'Mores

    • Now you can enjoy the flavor of s'mores in cupcake form!​ It starts out with a graham cracker crumb crust and is topped with a chocolate cupcake,  toasted marshmallow frosting, chocolate drizzle and more graham cracker crumbs.

  • Caramel Macchiato

    • Moist chocolate cupcake is brushed with coffee glaze and filled with chocolate ganache; it is then frosted with caramel frosting, drizzled with coffee glaze and topped with chocolate sprinkles.

  • Turtle

    • Rich chocolate cupcake is filled with chocolate ganache and frosted with a caramel frosting; caramel is drizzled on top of cupcake and chopped pecans are sprinkled on top.

  • Coconut Cream

    • Coconut infused white cupcake is filled and frosted with coconut flavored white chocolate buttercream, smothered in toasted coconut.

  • Raspberry Coconut

    • White cupcake is infused with coconut flavoring and sweetened coconut flakes, filled with homemade raspberry filling, and frosted with white choclate buttercream.  It's topped off with a fresh raspberry and/or toasted coconut.


  • Sprinkles or disco dust: included with the price of any cupcakes, if desired.

  • More than one color of icing: $5 extra per dozen.

  • Chocolate curls: $10 extra per dozen.

  • Fondant Decorations: Price varies based on intricacy of design and labor time.

  • Personalize/customize your design: Send a photo, drawing, or other media file showing how you would like your cupcakes designed.  I'll let you know if it's doable, along with price.

  • Lace wrappers: $5 extra per dozen


Extra-Large Cupcakes | $10 extra per dozen

  • Cupcake is roughly same diameter as regular size, but half-inch taller.  This makes for a nice tall cupcake.  You get more cake in your cupcake!

  • Any of the above cupcakes can be made extra-large.


Mini Cupcakes

  • Prices start at $24 per two dozen

Cupcake Tower Rental

  • Cupcake towers are a beautiful way to show off and serve your cupcakes!  

  • There are two tower sizes available:

    • Five-tier tower holds up to 75 cupcakes and can be rented for $15

    • Seven-tier tower holds up to 150 cupcakes and can be rented for $30

  • A deposit fee of $40 will be applied for the five-tier tower.

  • A deposit fee of $75 will be applied for the seven-tier tower.

  • If the towers are returned within three days, and without damage, the deposit fee will be returned to you.

The cupcakes listed above are not an exhaustive list.  If there's a cupcake you would like, but don't see listed above, let me know!  You may also customize the above cupcakes to your liking as well.  Let me know!  It can probably be done!

Gluten-free and dairy-free options are available and start at $36 per dozen.

  • Please note these items are made in a kitchen that contain gluten and dairy so I like to think of these options as gluten/dairy friendly.  

  • Please ask me about the different gluten/dairy free varieties that are available.

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